Anderson Silva is set to battle Kelvin Gastelumat the UFC upcoming event in China. The fight will be the headline for the November 25 event in Shanghai.

It would also serve as a promotional event as UFC makes its first move to the city.

For Gastelum, it is an excellent opportunity to showcase his depth after the July loss to Chris Weidman. It would be a tough clash against the former UFC middleweight champ who returned to winning ways with the decision victory against Derek Brunson.

The main event at the Mercedes Benz Arena is the only one announced so far for the UFC Fight Night 122 card. The fight should have happened before now but it would be official this fall.

Silva’s Upcoming Fight In June

Recent news about Anderson Silva showcases the replacement opponent that he has been voicing for UFC 212.

Being a kingpin in the UFC middleweight category, he was scheduled to fight with Kelvin Gastelum in the upcoming pay per view event in June when UFC 212 will be held in Brazil. News came through recently that Gastelum has withdrawn from the event as he has been tested positive for marijuana metabolites. This was found in an in-competition test for drugs that was conducted. The drug test coincided with Gastelum’s win over Vitor Belfort which was part of UFC Fight Night 106 event that was held in Brazil.

Yoel Romero would probably be taking up Gastelum’s position and fight The Spider in the upcoming event on June 3rd. Yoel is also a top contender in the middleweight category. As a result, Romero would be facing Anderson to contend for the interim UFC title.


It is obvious that former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva has just added to the list of Brazilians fighters that are upset with the UFC’s promotional policies.

In a press interview with UOL Esporte, Silva talked about UFC’s unfair treatment towards him after champion Daniel Cormier defeated him at UFC 200. The Brazilian stated that his return to the octagon is “complicated” because he wasn’t treated properly for stepping up on short notice to save Cormier’s spot on the fight card.

According to Silva:

“I haven’t even gotten a ‘thank you’ from Dana or Lorenzo after the previous fight.”

“Of course, it was me who wanted to fight, who took the bout, but I know my worth, my importance and I was very disappointed with the lack of respect,” he added.

Anderson Silva Clueless About Why He Failed Drug Tests

The 39 years old Mixed Martial Artist from Brazil, Anderson Silva who is a former champion of the UFC middleweight title has denied the rumours that he had used prohibited substances before his fight against the 31 years Old Nick Diaz at UFC 183 which took place on 31st January this year at MGM Grand Garden Arena which is in Las Vegas.

Reports indicate that the Brazilian Mixed Martial Artist tested positive for drugs and steroids in a number of tests. Silva might also have continued using those prohibited substances even after the Nick Diaz fight.

The news was a shocking one for Anderson Silva and he even failed to give an explanation in this regard to the press. He denies that he has knowingly used any prohibited performance enhancing substance. Silva also said that he is indeed surprised to hear this news. He also fails to understand why this is happening. Silva said that it was his manager, Ed Soares, who first gave him the news that he has failed to qualify in a number of drug tests.

It is not at all likely that Silva will confess that he has knowingly used banned substances. But it is possible that some of the medicines prescribed to him for the treatment of his injured leg might be among the prohibited substances. Silva said that he will have to check his medicine and after that he will make any further statement in this regard.

Silva should have checked his medicines before because now it might be too late for him to keep the title of the winner of the Nick Diaz fight. It is also likely that he will be suspended from UFC and he will also have to pay a fine. Nick Diaz was also found guilty of using prohibited substances after the fight and both he and Silva are temporarily suspended.

CM Punk willing to fight Anderson Silva

CM Punk maybe new to the world of Mixed Martial Arts, having signed a contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC recently, but he is approaching it with the right mindset. He even said that he would be willing to step inside the Octagon against former UFC Middleweight champion and Mixed Martial Arts legend Anderson Silva for the right amount of money.

Many fans are unhappy with the UFC’s decision to sign CM Punk, whose real name is Phil Brooks but if he keeps this kind of attitude, he is sure to win the fans over. The former WWE champion said that he is planning to get into shape now before an eventual debut in 2015 and said that he is willing to fight anyone that the UFC decides to pit him against.

Anderson Silva sees psychologist to overcome injury fears

2013 was a very difficult year for former Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva. First, he suffered his very first knockout loss in July to surrender his UFC Middleweight Championship to the highly un-fancied Chris Weidman as the curtains were brought down on a staggering reign of seven years.

And then, in the rematch for the title in December, Silva suffered a gruesome leg injury as he attempted a spinning heel kick which shattered the tibia and fibula in his left leg.

The Brazilian underwent surgery to repair the leg but he was back on his feet and doing light training within months of the surgery in a move that surprised many hard core fans of the promotion who thought the Brazilian’s career was all but over.

However, the UFC doesn’t want to rush Anderson Silva into Octagon an threaten his long term future with the company, especially with the Brazilian still having six more fights left on his contract. The Spider is scheduled to return to the Octagon in January 2015 but Anderson has stated that he is still trying to expel the doubts he has about the strength that might have left his leg.

According to Anderson, he still doesn’t have the confidence in himself he once had and that injury to his leg has got a lot to do with it than anything else. He has also been working with a psychologist to help him recover from the trauma.

Anderson Silva said that he has been seeing a psychologist as he tries to get rid of the ghosts of the horrible from that fight. He also said that he has been training but he is also a little apprehensive adding that he doesn’t finish movements when he knows he can out of fear.

Anderson Silva nearing full fitness

It has been well over four months since former Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva suffered a horrible leg break in his rematch for the 185 lbs divisional title against Chris Weidman.

Silva, who was attempting to regain the title from Weidman after surrendering it to him earlier in the year threw a leg kick at his American opponent but the youngster blocked the kick and the momentum quickly snapped the shin of the Brazilian into two pieces.

This loss for the Brazilian was disappointing for UFC fans for a variety of different reasons. For one, many thought this loss would signal the end of one of the most legendary careers in the UFC or could easily cost him a significant time on the sidelines.

Not many, however, thought that the Brazilian would be able to walk just a month after surgery or let alone train lightly after three months. And although Anderson Silva has ruled out returning to the cage anytime this year, he is ready to fight after getting a few more months of recovery under his belt.

He said he is feeling well, adding that he would be ready to fight this year. He mentioned that another couple of months of recovery time and he would be ready to fight again. But he mentioned he is enjoying this time off with his family and focus on personal projects and he doesn’t want to jump into action anytime soon.

Anderson Silva went on to add that he had initially thought his career was over after that injury but he knew he could do it, having done it since he was a child. Moreover, the support of the fans he has received was also a key factor in his recovery from that horrific leg break.

Overeem taking on Junior dos Santos makes little sense right now

Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC’s bad boy Alistair Overeem went a long way to saving his contract with the promotion with an important victory against former UFC Heavyweight champion Frank Mir at UFC 169. The Dutchman looked in the best shape he has been in for years, landing perfect punches, seemed a lot lighter, moved his feet to perfection and he had decent cardio as well.

All these were positive signs for the Demolition Man as he looks to get back into contention for a shot at the UFC Heavyweight Championship.

And following the match against Mir, social media seemed to favor a bout against Junior dos Santos for the Dutchman. This potential match was once considered as the biggest possible match up in the UFC, and the two were scheduled to go head to head at UFC 146 for the UFC Heavyweight Championship.

But following a failed drugs test, Alistair Overeem spent a long time out of the Octagon and by the time he returned, the division had undergone a wholesale change. Cain Velasquez was now the king in the division, and in his attempt to get his title claim back on track, faced the challenges of Antonio ‘Big Foot’ Silva and Travis Browne, losing both times.

And he was on the brink of losing his job if he didn’t beat Mir, which he has now done.

JDS is also in no position to challenge for the title any time soon, having lost twice to Velasquez already and this makes for a match between the two an interesting card.

But it also seems that it doesn’t make sense to pit Alistair Overeem against Cigano, considering his position. The Brazilian needs to build his career once again slowly and maybe then, the long awaited match could be a possibility.

Longo believes Weidman can submit Anderson Silva

Ray Longo, the striking coach for the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Middleweight champion Chris Weidman has enough confidence to bet that his star pupil will be heading into his UFC 168 rematch against former title holder Anderson Silva with all the confidence in the world.

Longo made an appearance on The MMA Hour where he stated that the fight camp for the champion went absolutely perfectly and he went on to add that he is confident that the former All American can finish the match any which way he wants come the end of this month.

The legendary coach stated that if the match took place the next day, the American would be up for it, he is brimming with such confidence. Longo mentioned that Weidman has been an absolute animal in the gym and his weight is perfect too and the sparring has been spot on. Longo also jokingly added that it’s time to diversify and he believes Weidman should submit Anderson Silva.

He mentioned that there is a good chance for that, Weidman has been point on about absolutely everything throughout the training camp and Longo feels the American is in such good shape and his mental frame is so strong that he can do anything he wants inside the UFC Octagon.

Weidman has been the toast of the 185 lbs weight category of the UFC over the last few months, becoming the first fighter to knock out the legendary Anderson Silva in 38 professional fights and he will be looking to continue that hot streak and extend his run as the champion as he looks forward to having a long and successful run as the champion and create a long standing legacy, just like his predecessor did, going almost six years unbeaten as the champion.

Anderson Silva excited by Weidman rematch

And new and improved Anderson Silva will step into the cage against the reigning Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Middleweight champion Chris Weidman come December.

After he initially stated that he was extremely tired and didn’t want to fight for the championship anymore, the former Middleweight king of the UFC is now looking forward to a rematch against Weidman, who became the first man to defeat him inside the UFC Octagon. Speaking to a local media outlet, The Spider stated that he is really excited about the rematch before adding that a brand new Anderson is coming in December.

The 38 year old spent seven years in the UFC without a single defeat before Weidman knocked him out at UFC 162 to take the title that he had held for so long and according to the Brazilian, defeat comes very naturally to him and the fans should also respect the new champion because he has earned the title belt. Anderson Silva mentioned that it was not the first time that he had dropped a fight and losing comes as a normal thing for him. He went on to add that he had been the champion in the UFC for five years and this rematch offers him the chance to take the title once again and take in to Brazil.

Anderson has been slammed by many of his opponents and critics for being disrespectful of his opponents and resorting to showboating inside the cage.

However, Anderson Silva seems to disagree with these comments and said nothing could be further from the truth. He mentioned that he respects his opponents. He fights for a long time and there is no way he disrespects his opponents and stated that that is his strategy and his style of fighting that he has perfected over the years.