Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida say hello to BJ

Video clip Rating: 4 / five


  1. Frogger0neXx says:

    @dtanktdtank Matt Sera beat the shit out of GSP. so?

  2. MadeInOregon27 says:



  3. jGregz100 says:

    @MadeInOregon27 Listening to great music!

  4. Ace12341 says:

    whats the song in the background?

  5. thefsufan1 says:

    Tupac in the back ground!

  6. TIAGroup says:

    BJ training at BlackHouse, Hmmm that would be something.

  7. dtanktdtank says:

    @Cammie010 gsp beat the shit out of bj penn

  8. TheLukieBoi1 says:

    @MadeInOregon27 that was actually a great comment.

  9. Cammie010 says:

    BJ should have stayed at Blackhouse, than beat the shit out of GSP

  10. MadeInOregon27 says:

    Great fighters in a great gym doing great things asking another great to join them. This vid is great.

  11. PKKN808 says:

    Bj Penn did train with Anderson at blackhouse. A week or so. that was cool to see great fighters train together

  12. 4gelassenheit says:

    i am sooooo f******* happy 2pac is playing in the blackhouse gym…. made my week!!!

  13. 473monicaa says:

    vai se bom pra ele.

  14. CTFxCFTW77 says:

    Their English is actually pretty good.

  15. GribMurder says:

    1 chael sonnen was not invited to come train with them

  16. snakesarescum says:

    what fuckin asshole gave this a thumbs down after 200 likes? fuckin asshole

  17. ClarkRandomness says:

    @Ownzin i want to freakin live in BLACKHOUSE

  18. fishsthirdaccount says:


  19. Haseeebo says:

    @DangerDarf Whaaaaaaaaaaaat buddy. Bj Penn is sick enough on his own. He doesn’t need Silva or Machida’s approval! (both are sick too!)

    The Prodigy Son!!!!!

  20. dgad87 says:

    hahahaha Anderson Silva is so funny

  21. JonOlavEinemo says:

    Anderson speaks the kings english

  22. Teddybear419 says:

    @DON619ST38 But to tell you the truth, i’m not looking foward towards the middle weight division. As of now, i’m looking SO MUCH into the heavyweight division. After thorough observation on the prospects in strikeforce, i’m sure its going to make the heavyweight division a bit more interesting. I’m just looking forward towards Overeem’s next opponent in antonio silva. I’m sure overeem’s gonna dominate, and i’m expecting him to face barnett in the finals 🙂

  23. Teddybear419 says:

    @DON619ST38 Guy, his win over maia, i’m sure he’s going to fight the winner of stann and sonnen fight. I think that wud be a great match up between the two, because munoz just defeated a top contender in maia. If he defeats a former top contender in sonnen, then that wud lead him to #1 spot dude. If not those two, then it wud be marquardt in middle weight division, but too bad that he had to get cut from the ufc :-/. I’m sure he wud of made #1 contender status as well.

  24. DON619ST38 says:

    @Teddybear419 Agreed.i bet he will be..i mean with Sonnen being in contender status and overyone just looking over Okami.i’m betting Sonnen can’t get past Stann,and It’s been a few years since okami silva 1,so hopfully he brings his a-game..or i don’t think he has much chance.With how good Munoz has been looking..who do you put him against now?Stann?Leben?Okami next?Sonnen after Stann?

  25. Teddybear419 says:

    @DON619ST38 Iono, the last time i’ve seen munoz fighting with black house wuz with nogueira at ufc 110, not too long ago i guess :-/. I think b4 then, he trained with mayhem back at his old gym, but now he’s training with blackhouse. Holy shit, munoz is a fucken beast though, maybe after that matt hamill fight he started to step it up, and suprised he actually went all rounds to split decision with yushin okami. Hope to see him as a contender one day for the ufc title