It is obvious that former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva has just added to the list of Brazilians fighters that are upset with the UFC’s promotional policies.

In a press interview with UOL Esporte, Silva talked about UFC’s unfair treatment towards him after champion Daniel Cormier defeated him at UFC 200. The Brazilian stated that his return to the octagon is “complicated” because he wasn’t treated properly for stepping up on short notice to save Cormier’s spot on the fight card.

According to Silva:

“I haven’t even gotten a ‘thank you’ from Dana or Lorenzo after the previous fight.”

“Of course, it was me who wanted to fight, who took the bout, but I know my worth, my importance and I was very disappointed with the lack of respect,” he added.

Although the Brazilian didn’t specifically reference the situation, many believed he was most likely referring to the impasses between his close friend and former featherweight champ Jose Aldo and the UFC. It would be recalled that Aldo asked to be released by UFC after being denied the opportunity of a rematch with Conor McGregor.

Both Silva and Aldo have built inseparable bonds after fighting under the same promotional umbrella for almost a decade. Also, Silva has always been a voice for Brazilian MMA and its fighters, majority of whom without a doubt have earned even more career opportunities owing to his massive success at the UFC arena.

If Silva decides not to return to the UFC because of how he was treated by the UFC management, there is no doubt he remains an undisputable record holder who has successfully defended his title for ten consecutive times. Consequently, it remains to be seen how UFC president Dana responds to the criticism by one of his former fighter.