Anderson Silva Clueless About Why He Failed Drug Tests

The 39 years old Mixed Martial Artist from Brazil, Anderson Silva who is a former champion of the UFC middleweight title has denied the rumours that he had used prohibited substances before his fight against the 31 years Old Nick Diaz at UFC 183 which took place on 31st January this year at MGM Grand Garden Arena which is in Las Vegas.

Reports indicate that the Brazilian Mixed Martial Artist tested positive for drugs and steroids in a number of tests. Silva might also have continued using those prohibited substances even after the Nick Diaz fight.

The news was a shocking one for Anderson Silva and he even failed to give an explanation in this regard to the press. He denies that he has knowingly used any prohibited performance enhancing substance. Silva also said that he is indeed surprised to hear this news. He also fails to understand why this is happening. Silva said that it was his manager, Ed Soares, who first gave him the news that he has failed to qualify in a number of drug tests.

It is not at all likely that Silva will confess that he has knowingly used banned substances. But it is possible that some of the medicines prescribed to him for the treatment of his injured leg might be among the prohibited substances. Silva said that he will have to check his medicine and after that he will make any further statement in this regard.

Silva should have checked his medicines before because now it might be too late for him to keep the title of the winner of the Nick Diaz fight. It is also likely that he will be suspended from UFC and he will also have to pay a fine. Nick Diaz was also found guilty of using prohibited substances after the fight and both he and Silva are temporarily suspended.