Anderson Silva nearing full fitness

It has been well over four months since former Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva suffered a horrible leg break in his rematch for the 185 lbs divisional title against Chris Weidman.

Silva, who was attempting to regain the title from Weidman after surrendering it to him earlier in the year threw a leg kick at his American opponent but the youngster blocked the kick and the momentum quickly snapped the shin of the Brazilian into two pieces.

This loss for the Brazilian was disappointing for UFC fans for a variety of different reasons. For one, many thought this loss would signal the end of one of the most legendary careers in the UFC or could easily cost him a significant time on the sidelines.

Not many, however, thought that the Brazilian would be able to walk just a month after surgery or let alone train lightly after three months. And although Anderson Silva has ruled out returning to the cage anytime this year, he is ready to fight after getting a few more months of recovery under his belt.

He said he is feeling well, adding that he would be ready to fight this year. He mentioned that another couple of months of recovery time and he would be ready to fight again. But he mentioned he is enjoying this time off with his family and focus on personal projects and he doesn’t want to jump into action anytime soon.

Anderson Silva went on to add that he had initially thought his career was over after that injury but he knew he could do it, having done it since he was a child. Moreover, the support of the fans he has received was also a key factor in his recovery from that horrific leg break.