Anderson Silva sees psychologist to overcome injury fears

2013 was a very difficult year for former Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva. First, he suffered his very first knockout loss in July to surrender his UFC Middleweight Championship to the highly un-fancied Chris Weidman as the curtains were brought down on a staggering reign of seven years.

And then, in the rematch for the title in December, Silva suffered a gruesome leg injury as he attempted a spinning heel kick which shattered the tibia and fibula in his left leg.

The Brazilian underwent surgery to repair the leg but he was back on his feet and doing light training within months of the surgery in a move that surprised many hard core fans of the promotion who thought the Brazilian’s career was all but over.

However, the UFC doesn’t want to rush Anderson Silva into Octagon an threaten his long term future with the company, especially with the Brazilian still having six more fights left on his contract. The Spider is scheduled to return to the Octagon in January 2015 but Anderson has stated that he is still trying to expel the doubts he has about the strength that might have left his leg.

According to Anderson, he still doesn’t have the confidence in himself he once had and that injury to his leg has got a lot to do with it than anything else. He has also been working with a psychologist to help him recover from the trauma.

Anderson Silva said that he has been seeing a psychologist as he tries to get rid of the ghosts of the horrible from that fight. He also said that he has been training but he is also a little apprehensive adding that he doesn’t finish movements when he knows he can out of fear.