Anderson Silva Talks Lyoto Machida UFC 101

Video Rating: four / 5


  1. jvrdlc says:

    @ablackguyonweed your right, he got caught like GSP got caught by Serra once
    Machida is going to get his belt sooner or later

  2. ablackguyonweed says:

    machida is the p4p best no doubt idc he got ktfo by shogun

  3. chef82 says:

    one of the best fighters to have ever lived

  4. LiNaK37 says:

    @HEADSTOMPSPECIALIST Anderson é muito legal lol

  5. LiNaK37 says:

    @quizzachu Yeah well I made that post a while back. I still think Silva would win though, just for different reasons.

  6. quizzachu says:

    @LiNaK37 just your theory on why Silva could beat Machida, there are a lot of things that go in to that match up. I could easily see Machida coming out on top

  7. LiNaK37 says:

    @quizzachu Which part do you disagree with?

  8. quizzachu says:

    @LiNaK37 lol no

  9. ScotlandMaleGlasgow says:

    @78k5 ssshhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat!!


    anderson silva A NICE AND COOL DUDE

  11. doosriradha says:

    SIlva has a lot of depth in his thought process..bravo

  12. politie210 says:

    @ElliotGJ wtf are you talking about?
    fedor would destroy lesnar
    and anderson got WAYYYYYYYYYY more skills than lesnar lesnar got only size nothing els

  13. SingJiya says:

    thumbs up on the interview, nice and humble, not like the Dixie Chicks. Dixie are so proud and against America.

  14. markflorian138 says:

    @ElliotGJ or fedor

  15. ElliotGJ says:

    He dances around the ring for 25 min and talks like a faggot. If he’s so fucking great lets see him fight lesnar or carwin

  16. martinimvu says:

    @LiNaK37 Now I know 😛

  17. LiNaK37 says:

    @martinimvu He would still be cutting 45 pounds, which is waaaaay to much, and no, it’s Machida that he trains with at Black House.

  18. martinimvu says:

    @LiNaK37 It would actually be only two weight classes. One actually, seeing as he already fought in Middleweight. Just one more to GSP. So it wouldn’t be that massive .
    And I’m pretty sure it’s Rua he trains with..

  19. LiNaK37 says:

    @martinimvu Of course Anderson would get dominated if he moved down because he’d be so weak from the massive weight cut, and like I said before Anderson won’t fight Machida because they train together.

  20. LiNaK37 says:

    @martinimvu But he’s not as good of a beat as Hendo or Franklin. Besides, Wanderlei’s would be to advantageous for Anderson to be considered a good win, they could be at the same skill level but Anderson would still win due to it being a good matchup.

  21. martinimvu says:

    @LiNaK37 And wanderlei is still a beat, just not in his prime anymore, you’re right there.

  22. martinimvu says:


    Seeing as Rua has been called one of the best pound4pound fighters he’s a good matchup.
    Seeing as Machida is still undefeated, that would be a good match up
    Make Anderson move down if he thinks he’s so good, he moved up a weightclass, pretty sure he can move down one if he’s so good.
    GSP is THE best, pound for pound, don’t care what facts are put against him, it’s true and people know it. If Anderson we to move down he’d get dominated so I guess that would be a useless thought.

  23. LiNaK37 says:

    @martinimvu Wanderlei? C’mon, he used to be a beast, but not so much anymore. Also, GSP is a Welterweight, and Anderson won’t fight Machida because they train together. So really the only legitimate name you posted would be Rua, which is ridiculous because you’re basically saying that the only good win for Anderson would be Rua, and until he beats Rua he’s no good.

  24. martinimvu says:

    @LiNaK37 Hmm let’s see.
    Machida, Rua, Wanderlei, GSP ( Which would be a useless match seeing as GSP would dominate him ).

  25. LouieAK47 says:

    I like him he’s a good guy. Not an egotistical jerk like some of the other fighters.