CM Punk willing to fight Anderson Silva

CM Punk maybe new to the world of Mixed Martial Arts, having signed a contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC recently, but he is approaching it with the right mindset. He even said that he would be willing to step inside the Octagon against former UFC Middleweight champion and Mixed Martial Arts legend Anderson Silva for the right amount of money.

Many fans are unhappy with the UFC’s decision to sign CM Punk, whose real name is Phil Brooks but if he keeps this kind of attitude, he is sure to win the fans over. The former WWE champion said that he is planning to get into shape now before an eventual debut in 2015 and said that he is willing to fight anyone that the UFC decides to pit him against.

In a recent interview, Brooks said that he would fight former pound for pound king Anderson Silva if the right amount of money was offered to him.

Brooks said that who he fights doesn’t really depend on him and it is not dependent on any fighter in the business as well. That is why the UFC employs people like Joe Silva, to make the most of the matches.

He said that he would fight Nate Diaz and anyone the UFC wants him to. He said that given the right amount of time prepare, he can fight anyone. He doesn’t think it would be wise for him at this juncture of his career but he is also willing to fight Anderson Silva if it comes to that and the money on the table is right.

At this moment, however, it doesn’t seem that it will ever come to that and with the top of the division already stacked, it might never happen at all in the future.