Liddell says he would defeat Anderson Silva

Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell believes the reigning UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva wouldn’t stand a chance against him if he was still active inside the Octagon and the two had met in a match. The legendary fighter was speaking to a Brazilian media outlet and his response can be deemed extremely interesting when he was asked about his opinions on the man most believe to be the greatest Mixed Martial Artist of all time, and his greatest rival in the UFC, Chael Sonnen.

According to Liddell, he would have beaten him and he mentioned that he had held this belief for a long time. He mentioned that he has the advantage, both in terms of height as well as weight and it is more than likely that had the two met in the Octagon, he would have come out on top. But Liddell also went on to mention that if he would to pick his favorite fighter from the current lot, it would have to be Anderson Silva.

As for a theoretical fight against the American Sonnen, who recently failed again in a title match when he lost to the UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones, Liddell threw away any kind of humility he may have been displaying when he stated that the American Gangster has nothing to offer him inside the Octagon in terms of a risk.

Liddell is a former UFC Light Heavyweight champion and the pioneer of the “sprawl n’ brawl” style where he used his wrestling skills to keep the fight standing and then used his massive punches to get the knockout. As for his prediction of an win against Anderson Silva, there is no way to find out now what the outcome of the match could have been.

Weidman targets ‘easy scalp’ Anderson Silva

The reigning Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva is arguably the toughest fighter in Mixed Martial Arts at the moment. He is one of the most dominant forces of all time and the way he has his way with even the toughest of opponents is absolutely amazing and many fighters often tend to lose the plot even before they step inside the Octagon with the Brazilian legend. Silva is yet to taste defeat inside the UFC Octagon but Chris Weidman thinks he is the man to do it.

And not only leaving it at that, Weidman believes he can make it look an easy win for him as well. Speaking to MMA Mania in a recent interview, Weidman stated that his biggest challenge for him when he goes up against Anderson Silva is to prove the people who believe he will be killed inside the Octagon by The Spider and who view the Brazilian as unbeatable, wrong. And he mentioned that he just cannot wait to prove them wrong emphatically. He further admitted that he would like to make it look an easy match and wants to shock the whole world.

And that claim seems to very bold from the UFC Middleweight Championship contender simply because the Brazilian has the habit of pinpointing how good he actually is when his opponents rile him up before any match. Moreover, he is also adept at proving to the world that he is miles ahead of the opponents he has to take on.

Maybe Weidman thinks having self confidence will help him against Anderson Silva and it is sure that he deserves of a title shot. But to claim that he can pull of the shock quite easily might just be going a bit too far from the reality.

Weidman lands Anderson Silva fight

The Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Middleweight Championship will be defended in the headlining event at the annual Independence Day weekend of the promotion in Las Vegas, Nevada with the champion Anderson Silva putting his coveted belt on the line against high flying contender Chris Weidman. The Brazilian will look to retain the title for a record breaking 11th time at UFC 162 on the 6th of July. And the match has been confirmed by the officials of the UFC after news of the match had already been broken by several media outlets.

Weidman, who has a professional record of 9-0 in Mixed Martial Arts, assumes the role of number one contender for one of the most sought after titles in the promotion, thanks largely to the knockout defeat suffered by Michael Bisping in January. The Englishman had been promised a shot at Anderson Silva for the title but he suffered a second round defeat at the hands of Vitor Belfort, causing him to fall down the pecking order once again.

Weidman is a former all-American collegiate wrestler but he hasn’t stepped inside the ring since July 2012 thanks to a shoulder injury. ranks him as the second best Middleweight fighter in the world behind the legendary Brazilian Silva. Silva, on the other hand, knocked out Stephen Bonnar in the first round in a non-title bout in the Light Heavyweight division last October and although he has been linked with a potential match up against the UFC Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre, he has finally settled on Weidman.

Anderson Silva is widely regarded as the best pound for pound fighter in the world and he is undefeated since his loss in 2006 to Yushin Okami, that too via disqualification for using a kick that had been deemed dangerous.

White would love Anderson Silva at Light Heavyweight

Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva is a fighter who can accomplish feats inside the Octagon that hardly anyone or no one for that matter, can master. He can make things that are almost impossible easily possible and has the capacity to make world class fighters look like absolute novices. And he has achieved all those things while fighting almost his entire career at Middleweight but just to show what he is capable of, he has also gone up a weight division.

And Dana White, the president of the UFC admits that he would love to the Brazilian fight more in the 205 lbs division. Speaking at the media conference for UFC 156, White stated that he would love for Anderson Silva to fight at the 205 lbs division, adding that if The Spider indeed moved up a weight class, it would be really fun for everyone associated with the UFC and Mixed Martial Arts in general. He even hinted that the Brazilian might just be one fight away from facing the UFC Light Heavyweight champion, whoever that person might be.

He stated people would just go crazy if Anderson started climbing up the Light Heavyweight ladder, become the number one contender and have a fight for the title. Silva has the experience of competing in the Light Heavyweight division before, winning all his three matches against James ‘The Sandman’ Irving, Forrest Griffin, a former UFC champion as well as Stephen Bonnar.

Anderson Silva finished all those matches in the first round, displaying how destructive he really is and if Dana White can get him inside the ring to face an opponent at Light Heavyweight one more time, it would be a huge draw for both the company and cement the reputation of the Brazilian too.

Anderson Silva signs 10-fight deal

Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Middleweight Championship holder and legendary Brazilian Mixed Martial Artist Anderson Silva had confided in Dana White, the president of the UFC a few months back that he still has a few more fights left in him and with his contract with the company up in 2014, he wanted a new 10-fight deal. And according to White, the Brazilian has landed the deal as well, although no official announcement has been made by the Brazilian’s camp.

This comes as a surprise, however, because it was hardly a few months back that White had revealed that the Spider had been offered a new 8-fight deal but he had rejected the deal improved contract as he considered retirement at the end of his current contract. But now it has emerged that the Brazilian wanted two more fights added to the contract, and after the new deal was put on the table, he made no hesitation in signing the contract.

Speaking to the media after UFC 155 on the 29th of December in Las Vegas, Nevada, White confirmed that Anderson Silva has put pen to paper on a new 10-feight deal, adding that he doesn’t remember if the company had offered anyone such a long deal in its decade long history. Realistically, it would be extremely difficult for the Brazilian to fulfill the contract he has just signed, as he is 37 years old at the moment and will turn 38 in April, 2013.

Assuming he will try and fight twice a year as he does now, Anderson Silva will be 43 when his contract runs out, not impossible, but extremely improbable considering the fast pace and competitiveness that the current crop of fighters are displaying raising questions over the validity of the new deal that has been offered.

Anderson Silva to attend UFC 154

Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva is set to attend UFC 154, slated to be held on the 17th of November at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada, sparking rumors that his attendance signifies what many fans of the UFC had been expecting all along – to call out the UFC Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre and challenge him to a match. According to latest reports attributed to the manager of the Brazilian Mixed Martial Arts legend, he will be in attendance at the event and already has his front row ticket.

That, in itself, is not entirely a big thing considering many present fighters are in attendance at the big events of the UFC, especially when the big names fighters are on the card, Georges St. Pierre on this occasion. However, when further asked about why Anderson Silva would make the journey to Canada, his manager promptly replied that he might just call out and challenge Rush to a match if he successfully manages to defend his title against the interim champion Carlos Condit.

The UFC and Mixed Martial Arts forums had been rife with speculation for the past couple of months that a match in a catch weight is in the offing for two of the greatest exponents of Mixed Martial Arts in the world and the UFC and this super match would headline a fight card in 2013. However, neither Anderson’s camp nor GSP’s camp confirmed or denied that any such talk was taking place.

Even UFC president Dana White has kept silent about a potential super match between two of his prized fighters and if the match actually happens, then Anderson Silva will not get a better opportunity to call out the Canadian hero than in front of a screaming home crowd of 15,000.

Amir Khan Denies Rumors of Guzman Fight

The former unified IBF and WBA Lightweight title holder Amir Khan has knocked back rumors that he is about to return to the ring with a fight against Joan Guzman. The British boxer, however, did confirm that he will indeed be returning to the ring on the 15th of December and that he is looking forward to it. Khan was recently knocked out by Danny Garcia to lose his WBA Lightweight Championship and believes that he requires a more credible opponent than Guzman for his return to the ring after that devastating loss.

Speaking in an interview with the Manchester Evening News, Khan stated that he is looking forward to fight fighting someone who has more credibility about him that Joan Guzman. He went on to state that he had been having title fights for some time now, facing elite boxers and Guzman falls a little short of that. The British born Pakistani fighter also added that at the moment, only the date for his return to the ring has been confirmed, which will be the 15th of December. Amir Khan did give hints that the fight will either be in the USA or at home but didn’t confirm anything for sure.

Khan also spoke to the Manchester Evening News about the possibility that he might replace his trainer Freddie Roach after the devastating loss that he suffered at the hands of Garcia. He confirmed that he will be flying into the United States and talk to a few coaches and might also bring in a mentor who will help him with his defensive technicalities.

Amir Khan added that he wants former boxers as his coach and stated that legends like Oscar de la Hoya, Bernard Hopkins as well as Shane Mosley have offered their help and support towards him.

Anderson Silva taking Rest of the Year off

The fight cards for the remainder of the 2012 calendar are slowly taking shape for the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC and almost all of the promotion’s big names superstars are getting ready to step inside the Octagon. But one name that is extremely conspicuous in its absence is that of the UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva. It was reported almost immediately after his fight against Chael Sonnen where he successfully defended his UFS Middleweight Championship at UFC 148 that the Brazilian was extremely eager to step inside the ring once again and take on the next challenge presented to him head on.

However, the little time that he has spent away from the ring has now completely altered the mindset and thinking of The Spider and he is now looking to take the rest of the year off as well and come back fresher and fitter in 2013. And speaking to after the culmination of UFC 150, Dana White, the president of the UFC confirmed that Anderson Silva has decided to take some time off from the ring and added that the promotion will enter talks about his new opponent at the end of the year.

And what is interesting is that when Silva finally makes his return to the ring, the UFC will have a lot of options at their disposal and can pit any opponent they like against the man who has made defending his UFC Middleweight Championship into almost an art form. White hinted at the possibility of the Brazilian taking on Georges St. Pierre in a one off match, but added that nothing can be confirmed before GSP defends his UFC Welterweight title at UFC.

No matter what happens, however, the UFC has big plans for Anderson Silva and his return to the UFC Octagon.

Silva Thrashes Sonnen at UFC 148

Brazilian Anderson Silva has lived up to his reputation as the greatest ever Mixed Martial Artist to grace the ring anywhere in the world yet again as he thrashed Chael Sonnen at UFC 148. The Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Middleweight Championship holder crushed Sonnen in just two rounds of their match at UFC 148, disappointing fans and promoters alike who had expected to see a close battle between the champion and the challenger in this return match. But Silva, who had been a target for Sonnen and his loud mouth tirade against all Mixed Martial Artists hailing from Brazil, had a point to prove and he did just that with this crushing victory.

Silva still holds the record for most successive victories in the promotion with his tally now at 15, and what is more is that 10 of those 15 victories were defenses of his UFC Middleweight Championship. Silva, whose record now reads an impressive 32-4, last suffered a defeat in the professional circuit back in January 2006 when he was disqualified for an illegal kick.

But that hasn’t deterred Anderson Silva from taking risks in the ring and his knockout of Sonnen was due to a similar kind of kick that got him disqualified back in 2006. Having joined the UFC in the latter half of 2006, Silva is yet to lose a single match in the company and he won the title in his second match in the company at UFC 64 against Rich Franklin.

Silva has built up a reputation of not letting the judges to make the call of a match and here too, he did what he does best, knocking out Chael Sonnen. Anderson Silva walked out of the arena with a $ 200,000 paycheck as well for his efforts in the ring.

Silva is Perfectly Fit and Healthy

Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC President Dana White has refuted claims in certain sections of the media which had speculated that Brazilian Mixed Martial Artist and UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva has injured himself in training while doing gym work for his upcoming UFC Middleweight Championship match against Chael Sonnen, which is slated to be held at UFC 148 on the 7th of July and will not be competing in the match. But Dana White has quickly dismissed the claims about the injury, stating that there is no truth in the speculations that Silva has injured his knee.

It was just last week that several media outlets in Brazil had speculated that Anderson Silva had injured himself but the Brazilian with an MMA record of 31-4 and UFC record of 14-0 took to the social networking site Twitter to refute those claims, stating that he is perfectly alright and that his title match with Chael Sonnen, 6-4 UFC and 27-11-1 MMA will go ahead as scheduled.

The Silva versus Sonnen match is one of the most anticipated matches in the history of the UFC and it had been quite some time in the making, with Silva hell bent on teaching Chael Sonnen a lesson about respecting the Brazilian fans. The match was originally scheduled to take place at UFC 147 on the 23rd of June in Brazil, in front of the massive home support for Silva but was then moved to UFC 148 MGM Grand Garden Arena at Las Vegas in the United States of America.

The 37 year old Anderson Silva is scheduled to meet the officials of the Nevada State Athletic Commission on the 14th of June in order to be granted a license for the highly anticipated fight with Chael Sonnen as per the rules of the Commission for fighters over 35 years of age.