Silva’s Upcoming Fight In June

Recent news about Anderson Silva showcases the replacement opponent that he has been voicing for UFC 212.

Being a kingpin in the UFC middleweight category, he was scheduled to fight with Kelvin Gastelum in the upcoming pay per view event in June when UFC 212 will be held in Brazil. News came through recently that Gastelum has withdrawn from the event as he has been tested positive for marijuana metabolites. This was found in an in-competition test for drugs that was conducted. The drug test coincided with Gastelum’s win over Vitor Belfort which was part of UFC Fight Night 106 event that was held in Brazil.

Yoel Romero would probably be taking up Gastelum’s position and fight The Spider in the upcoming event on June 3rd. Yoel is also a top contender in the middleweight category. As a result, Romero would be facing Anderson to contend for the interim UFC title.

Romero puts forward a condition that he would be fighting with Silva if there was a UFC interim title to be fought for. Silva’s camp needs to confirm to the offer made by Romero. Sources state that the fighter might decide to fight Uriah Hall instead. Hence, it looks like Anderson still has to make up his mind whom to fight. The contests in the middleweight category were opened up when the defeat of Derek Brunson of Anderson became a disputed one. It has been a while that Silva has had a win, about 2012 when the last win he obtained was against Stephan Bonnar. The victory against Brunson is a disputed one and before that the matches that he fought against Michael Bisping and Daniel Cormier went in their favor respectively. The losses that he had were split as a no contest in case of the fight with Nick Diaz. Here the decision would have turned in favor for Silva but Diaz tested positive and so did Silva when he was also found to have consumed different banned substances. In sum his scores stand at 34-8 as a legend in the middleweight category.